thinking about tomorrow…

I printed off Sue eh?’s Training Levels – Success Steps and looking at level one’s tasks I can plan for training tomorrow. Each behavior has 5 steps so I am just working on the first one in each category and will pace these throughout the day…

*the steps are copyright Sue Ailsby

Zen 1

  1. moves off the treat in hand +Q (comeafters: teach in different circumstances) X
  2. stays off the treat in closed fist for 5 seconds +Q (comeafters: teach in different room)
  3. stays away from treat in open hand +Q ((comeafters: teach someone else step 3)
  4. moves away from the treat in dog dish in hand +Q (comeafters: teach with meal in dish)
  5. kitchen zen

Target 1

  1. touches hand with nose +Q (comeafters: change your position) X
  2. reaches high & low to touch +Q (comeafters: + distraction of another person)
  3. takes 3 steps to touch hand +Q (comeafters: teach in another room)
  4. touches hand twice to get one click (comeafters: all steps touching your foot)
  5. practice moving dog with hand target

Sit 1

  1. sits with leash off +Q (comeafters: teach in new room) X
  2. sits on hand signal only (comeafters: teach in new room)
  3. sits with leash on +Q (comeafters: change your position)
  4. sits by an open door +Q (comeafters: when, where, who, how)
  5. works with no treats on trainer

Down 1

  1. down with leash off +Q (comeafters: teach in new room)
  2. down on hand signal only (comeafters: teach in new room)
  3. change your position +Q (comeafters:no treats on trainer)
  4. down with leash on +Q (comeafters: teach again on new surface)
  5. down to earn desired reward

Come 1

  1. looks for dropped treats at your feet (comeafters: same room, different position, direction)
  2. runs between two people 10′ apart (comeafters: teach in new room)
  3. plays “Come Game” with two people 10′ apart (comeafters:lets you touch collar)
  4. plays “Come Game” with two people 20′ apart (comeafters: when, where, who, how)
  5. play hide & seek

I plan on checking off the behaviors as they are taught and will try to post a video of Boomer executing what he has learned.

wish me luck!


re-learning training…

Borzoi luv snow!

So as to be able to teach.

The silly thing is that I know the concepts of CT and the more I read, the more I recognize. Except I haven’t gotten down to the nuts & bolts of training in well over a decade.
Today is Beckon’s drop-in novice class and Boomer is tagging along. As I think about what I am going to be working on today, it is becoming clear that this class will mostly
be about Boomer. The objectives for today are:

  1. ride crated, quietly (usually not a problem) to the training center.
  2. CT for putting on collar & leash and exiting the car in an orderly manner
  3. Take both Beckon & Boomer on the pre-class walkie
  4. enter the training center quietly
  5. CT Boomer into a crate and reinforce quiet
  6. maybe get a bit of heeling done with Beckon!

So the concepts that I must master are the ability to break or split behaviors into easy to teach pieces. Decide on my criteria and be consistent.  Work on properly reinforcing, I have a tendency to not treat enough or often enough.
The other thing I need to work out is balancing meals with high value treats. Boomer needs to work when he is hungry so that will start today with training before meals. I do not want to explain to Leo why he is fat!

And above all have fun!

wish us luck!